Daily Kos runs a poll on Dr Michael Mann of hockey stick fame

Dr Michael Mann of Penn State University is the principal author of the famous graph of the 1000 years temperature trend known as “the hockey stick graph”. Recalling the late and great John Daly and his very early take on the hockey stick. Around a decade ago McIntyre and McKitrick began their destruction of the hockey stick – but the thing lives on in various reports here n there.
One of the few rights still left to us is to vote in internet polls – so have your say.

2 thoughts on “Daily Kos runs a poll on Dr Michael Mann of hockey stick fame”

  1. The poll result speaks volumes at least about traffic to Daily Kos; there are virtually zero AGW believers who visit there. Make your own conclusions as to why that might be.

  2. 3135 out of 3193 are against him.

    There must be some AGW believers visiting, or possibly people who feel sorry for dumb scientists.

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