Many articles on electricity generation and renewable energy

Here is a useful link to a list of articles by Anton Lang for those seeking information on this very important subject.
Who really wants their reliable and cheap household electricity that we all take for granted – to get unreliable and expensive. Come on – who will vote for more unreliable and more expensive ?

3 thoughts on “Many articles on electricity generation and renewable energy”

  1. Warwick,

    thanks for including that link.

    If any of you do take the link, you’ll see all my Posts, and at that link is just Page 1, and there may not seem to be many Posts related to the subject in question.

    That first page has links to 24 Posts, and if you click on the title of any, you will be taken to that full Post.

    There are 37 pages like this, each with 24 Posts.

    At the bottom left of each page of Posts is a link that is titled ‘Older posts’, and that link will take you the next page of 24 titles.

    Most of the titles are about electrical power generation, but I have other ‘stuff’ as well.

    Also, be aware that while the Blog is based in the U.S. and I live here in Rockhampton, I have to make the Posts based for U.S. readers, and while that may not ‘seem’ relative for Australia, it is generically based, so applies just as much here as it does there.


  2. I have found the articles by TonyfronOZ from the link above and comments he has made on other blogs that discuss renewable energy very informative. Thanks Tony.

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