Please do something against the Gillard Govt Carbon Tax

If you live in NSW – you are lucky – you have a vote in the NSW State Election on the 26th of this month – you can decide if you take the trouble to put the Greens last – just below the proponents of the carbon tax.

Stop Gillard's carbon tax

For the rest of us – how about signing the petition at Menzies House – you could donate something to help carry the fight against the carbon tax. Can readers please send in details of other groups fighting this insane tax.

11 thoughts on “Please do something against the Gillard Govt Carbon Tax”

  1. I’m disappointed the Aust Climate Science Coalition hasn’t got a petition up although they’ve certainly been keeping up with ‘carbon dioxide tax’ events (see link in Warwick’s blogroll’

  2. good article by Terry McCrann

    the first few paras:

    ASTONISHINGLY, the PM, the Cabinet and members of the Canberra Press Gallery don’t know the difference between carbon and carbon dioxide.

    There are two great lies told about the need to “put a price on carbon”. Lies which I can’t recall a single member of the gallery ever confronting the liars with — far less the prime liar herself.

    And it’ll be a cold day in hell before you see a critical commentary from any of the supposed leading lights of the gallery such as Fairfax’s Michelle Grattan or Peter Hartcher applying a critical analysis to the claims.

    Now these two lies are in addition to Julia Gillard’s “there will be no carbon tax” lie. They precede it and will be told again and again after it.

    The first is that “climate change policies” are aimed at “carbon pollution”. No they are not; they are aimed at reducing emissions of carbon dioxide.

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  4. I have just posted here
    The points I make are 1/ The tax is not a carbon tax but a carbon dioxide tax and no one should be mentioning the term “Carbon tax” 2/ CO2 is not a pollutant but if it is so declared every person on this earth is guilty of pollution every time they open their mouth and breath out. This particularly applies to all politicians and their advisors (eg Garnaut, Gore, Stern etc)who are pushing the AGW fraud. The hot air emitted by them has been the cause of wasted trillions of $s and is the major concern for our future.

  5. Chris Kenny in The Australian looks at some of the predictions from Ross Garnaut over the decades. “A brilliant career, but certainly not perfect”
    Garnaut reveals himself as a “bandwagon jumper” with his advocacy of hi-tech manufacturing development. Enjoy Ben Hills reprise of the ultra-fashionable 1980’s Labor creation the “Multifunction Polis” ? Ben even takes us back to the squandering of mega-millions at Monarto in SA because the Whitlam Govt could not understand population statistics. We must never forget our rich tradition of Labor money wasting schemes. Took till the late 1990’s before the Libs managed to kill the $150million MFP black-hole. Wikipedia on the MFP

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