6 thoughts on “Topher talks common sense about water supply issues”

  1. Thanks for this – what great videos – the guy has real communication skills and obviously researches his subjects well. Would be great to see him on his own TV show. Quality is too good I guess for our media companies.

  2. The water priorities appear to be – Towns, Environment, Farmers. My interpretation : Labour Voters, Green Voters and National Voters!
    By the way, who was responsible for the Water Act 2007 (Commonwealth) err Malcolm Turnbull!
    I notice that Queensland also passed a raft of Water Acts each dealing with a major river system. It was the Water Resource Planning (Moreten) 2007 which set the priorities which so bedevilled the response to Brisbane floods. The priorities appear to be Environment (66% of flow), Water Supply (33% of flow) and Flood Mitigation (restricted to Flood capacity of the dam only).
    It was these rigidities reinforced by political and financial considerations which contributed to the disaster.

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