Topher talks common sense about water supply issues

These videos are a “must see” for those interested in water supply issues – those concerned that their water bills are constantly rising.

Pity this sort of material so seldom gets to our GreenLeft mainstream media.

Our thanks go to Topher for all his hard work and great efforts.

6 comments to Topher talks common sense about water supply issues

  • Beachgirl

    Thanks for this – what great videos – the guy has real communication skills and obviously researches his subjects well. Would be great to see him on his own TV show. Quality is too good I guess for our media companies.

  • Romanoz

    The water priorities appear to be – Towns, Environment, Farmers. My interpretation : Labour Voters, Green Voters and National Voters!
    By the way, who was responsible for the Water Act 2007 (Commonwealth) err Malcolm Turnbull!
    I notice that Queensland also passed a raft of Water Acts each dealing with a major river system. It was the Water Resource Planning (Moreten) 2007 which set the priorities which so bedevilled the response to Brisbane floods. The priorities appear to be Environment (66% of flow), Water Supply (33% of flow) and Flood Mitigation (restricted to Flood capacity of the dam only).
    It was these rigidities reinforced by political and financial considerations which contributed to the disaster.

  • Beachgirl

    I recall your references to “the movement for more expensive water”. This ABC article seems to be quoting them, “Water group taps into Gold Coast pricing issue”. Who is this Australian Water Association (AWA) that they want to keep forcing up water bills ? Something to do with Govt I bet.

  • Facts only

    For interesting information on global warming, don’t miss:

  • val majkus

    Topher’s calling for help to defend free speech

    there are 2 videos at the link, one where he explains the project and one updating us on where he’s at with his fundraising

    he needs another $10,000 by end of January, in his words ‘very very achievable’

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