Victorian floods Jan 2011 may not be caused by La Nina

I am amazed at the way the “authorities” have seized on the current La Nina phase of the SOI as the reason for the Victorian floods – the media repeat this as gospel truth.
This flies in the face of the crystal clear evidence from satellite images that the two rain events over western Victoria for the 12th and 14th of January 2001 originated as southward eruptions from the monsoon trough over northern Australia.
When starting the animation it restarts several times before running the full 93 images.
Remember rain is recorded at 9am each day for the previous 24hrs.

8 thoughts on “Victorian floods Jan 2011 may not be caused by La Nina”

  1. Thanks Warwick-Interesting satellite images. It seems that moisture may have been picked up in Queensland and Lake Eyre from earlier rain. It gives some credence to the paper trying to be published by Anastassia Makarieva The article is also mentioned here One does not have to agree with the total concepts held by these Russian researchers but it is another item for consideration in the complex assessment of atmospheric conditions.

  2. Sorry, Transposed the M and J should have been MJO. An eastward propgating perturbation, generally located in the northern waters of Australia producing a wedge shaped cloud mass which pushes southeastward over a few days on a rough cycle of 30-50 days. More common over northeastern Australia in summer.

  3. Warwick this post put together at short notice might interest-
    Shows SMH weather charts for February 14-22 and related SMH headlines.


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