Caucus vote on Australian Prime Minister 9am 24 June

Amazing scenes at Parliament House in Canberra tonight as Australia works through its home-grown version of a coup d’etat. Great to see the various factions of the left tearing at themselves – settling scores from decades back. The meeting will start about 10hrs from now, at 9am AEST – the new Prime Minister will likely be Julia Gillard – who is further to the left than Kevin Rudd. I can not remember when a PM was last rolled in his first term.

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  1. Pattoh asks what cabinet post Penny Wong will get, I suppose the handing out of cabinet gifts will depend on how loyal you are perceived to be to the new team. The next hour will reveal much.

    As it ticks down to 9am here I am trying to isolate a list of facts about the coming of Julia Gillard.
    [1] During the Rudd Govt she has always been a loyal deputy – a member of the “kitchen cabinet” never saying a word against the party line – never questioning anything – never differentiated from Rudd and Swan.
    [2] Her fingerprints are smothered over all the Rudd disasters – particularly the wasting of $Billions of stimulus spending in shoddy and deficient new school buildings.
    [3] She is a policy-free-zone – does not stand clearly for anything – she has been sheltered and has hidden behind the Rudd-Swann frontline – yet her past is much further left than Rudd.
    [4] The media have seldom put her to any serious scrutiny.
    [5] Even a drovers dog would get a honeymoon period from the Australian electorate but the compelling restrictions on the timetable for the next election mean that this honeymoon will be short.
    [6] Labor pundits are saying she will “do a deal” with the miners over the insane TAX DISASTER. I hope the miners keep their nerve and insist on the most harmful stupidities of the TAX DISASTER to be consigned to the dustbin.

    We should remember that Andrew Bolt said in May that PM Rudd would be sacked in June. What a call !!

  2. Warwick- good pick. I note Andrew Bolt predicted the fall of Rudd about four days ago.
    I think part of the disaffection with Rudd is that he stood for big taxing. Rather than what commentators are saying that about the turn around on the ETS, people are realising with power bills coming in that the ETS and green policies mean increased costs which they are not prepared to wear. If Gillard tries to resurrect the ETS she will lose.
    It will be interesting if there is similar pressure on Obama.

  3. Warwick

    Listening to Prime Minister Gillard last night on the 7:30 report & Wayne Swann this morning, I am coming to the opinion that the pause in prosecuting the CPRS/Emissions Trading Scheme is nothing short of a shameless political artifice.

    On one hand the pause could be viewed as a timely move to allow the electorate to:-

    (a) get used to the inevitability of a carbon price to “save the planet”
    (b) a timely pause for the world economic conditions to stabilize to seduce the “Home & Away Lifestylers” that they might be able to chip away at their mortgages a bit more before they have to dig deeper to keep both the cars in the garage
    (c) time for reflection on the broader scientific arguments to assess the specific guilt of carbon & the risks of the level of climate change natural or manmade.

    You can just see the party political spin doctors working overtime to tailor a padded fuzzy unfocussed policy to present to the electorate at the coming election so everybody feels their views are supported.

    It will be an interesting exercise to carefully watch the releases of whoever the ALP put up in Lindsay Tanner’s seat, facing a Green reps candidate, & those of some of the Western Sydney candidates.

    Either way the MSM will continue to keep us confused.

  4. Watching our news here Pattoh – it is important to remember that in general we are witnessing a pinko paean of praise for the new PM. Here and there articles dig deeper and reveal some factual matters.
    Such as – Breaking the story that broke Kevin PM
    and – Latham tells Gillard to watch her back
    I notice most online polls so far have run agaist JG and I see signs Labor PR flaks must be working hard to get poll questions more friendly.
    People must realize that our new PM is a Labor lawyer, first, second and third. Every word she utters on important matters would need scrutinizing by skilled lawyers before true meaning could be assesed.

  5. Well as Barnaby Joyce said on Q & A last night ‘she wasn’t in a cupboard while the Rudd Govt was making decisions and her fingerprints are all over the rorted school halls scheme’
    And looks like a carbon tax might be on the way if this Govt gets re elected(albeit one with ‘community consensus’ whatever that means)
    By the way Warwick I’m wondering what your thinking is on recent relevations regarding the greenhouse gas theory -Dr. Charles R. Anderson on his website states in the second last para ‘It appears that if any “greenhouse effect” occurs due to CO2 in our atmosphere, that effect is very small compared to the 3-dimensional effects of distributed heat with convection heat transfer. That this is so has long been known by NASA, which nonetheless has played a very major role in the promotion of AGW alarmism on the basis of greenhouse gases! Once again, we find that government is not worthy of our trust. It has promoted terrible damage to our economy on the basis of this greenhouse gas catastrophic warming nonsense. It has been willing to put companies and many employees out of business. It has been happy to promote programs for alternative energy that greatly increase our energy costs and threaten to degrade the quality of our energy systems in use. It has declared CO2 a pollutant and is about to start draconian regulations at great expense, with huge additions to the bureaucracy, and terrible hours of additional paperwork, expert fees, and lawyer fees for many, many companies. Cap and trade schemes have been put forth in its name which will enrich the politically connected, while the average family sees its energy bill go up between $1,700 and $3,500 a year. As Obama says, our energy costs will necessarily skyrocket.’
    John O’Sullivan has a story about it on Suite101: ‘American Physicist Joins Attack on Global Warming Theory’
    and you can pick up other of his articles with links at

  6. This ABC article by Leigh Sales has a list of 10 links – the first is worth a laugh and some of the others are interesting too.
    This tiny article snuck through on the GreenLabor ABC.
    10 more fires linked to insulation scheme

    The Federal Government says 189 house fires have now been linked to its home insulation scheme.

    The $2.5 billion program was axed earlier this year because of safety concerns.

    Last month, 10 new fires were reported to authorities.

    Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt says Prime Minister Julia Gillard must commit the Government to inspecting all homes insulated under the scheme.
    I had no idea the number was so high – I wonder what the real figure is – not the Govt figure.

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