Continuing setbacks for NOAA / NASA solar cycle 24 prediction

Updating my 30 October post. “Hard lesson about solar realities for NOAA / NASA”
December provisional RI sunspot number from the Belgian group SIDC (World Data Center for the Sunspot Index) has come in at 0.8.
Hathaway ongoing failed solar prediction
Waiting on NOAA / NASA to produce their December numbers at colossal cost to taxpayers, then update the now famous Hathaway “ever-moving prediction”. There is an animation at the excellent Anthony Watts web site.
I see at we now have had 26 spotless days snce the weak spot in early December.

2 thoughts on “Continuing setbacks for NOAA / NASA solar cycle 24 prediction”

  1. Both are an index of sunspot numbers, just calculated by different research groups.
    I is for International, see some historical explanation re sunspot numbers, Wolf numbers at the Begian SIDC site that published RI
    RI and Wolf number

    Then SWO comes from US group in NOAA based at Boulder Co. Space Weather Operations

    Worth reading is Timo Niroma’s restated prediction of a period of subdued solar activity similar to the Dalton Minimum.

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