5 thoughts on “How hot was the Arctic in the 1930’s ?”

  1. Is there anything is German U-Boat records from the beginning of WW2 which might shed further light on this?

  2. Given the Big Brotherish “adjustment” of the official US surface record by “the tubes” within “The Times” the question must be asked, how hot was THE WORLD during the 1930s? Big Brother has deemed the 1930s to have been colder than more recent “hot years” and decades! For the love of Big Brother …. šŸ™

  3. Dear Dr Warwick Hughes,
    I am the author of the paper about mean sea level drops in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have some published paper about this and comments related to the e-mail you have sent to Eduardo Ferreyra. Please send me your e-mail message so I can directly ā€œspeakā€ with you.
    Best regards,
    Eduardo A. Gomez

  4. Here in California our mean high tide line has been moving away from shore in a number of locations for centuries. Keeping harbors at sufficient depth is an ongoing challenge. Some of it is tectonic, but is all of it, especially the most recent declines? Food for thought indeed.

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