Miami Florida Urban Heat Island

Amazing though it seems, the Jones team includes the fast growing urban complex of Miami in their compilation of a global temperature trend.

The first graphic shows Miami warming at over a degree C compared to rural sites in a region that seems to be experiencing little trend over 100 years. As is common, the rural stations that tell the vital story missed by the IPCC have more gaps in data than the cities. But the trend here is very clear.


The graph below of the difference in temperatures between Miami and nearby rural sites in southern Florida demonstrates the effect of the growing Miami UHI on the Miami temperature record.    Miami  HAS been included by CRU to compile global average temperature records.purporting to reveal a subtle "global warming" signature supposedly caused by rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  As we say in Australia, "..a drovers dog could see.."  that the good doctors of Norwich are measuring growing urban warming, not global climate change.

The image of  infra red radiation  below is from one of the NASA / NOAA GOES satellites and shows clearly the urban areas in Florida as darker signatures due to their relative warmth.


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