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US DoE puts “litigation hold” notice on all CRU / Jones data – yet Jones is not obligated to provide data to DoE – go figure

Over at the pioneering Anthony Watts blog, wattsupwiththat.com they have broken this great story about an email notice sent to employees at the – DOE-SR (Department of Energy Savannah River) a site to do with nuclear matters – the notice asks people in much legal terminology to hold on to, not destroy – any material or data to do with CRU at U of East Anglia or global warming etc

As I write there have been 409 comments to the Watts thread and it puzzles me that there is no mention of the department of the DoE where Prof Phil Jones has enjoyed contract support for over 25 years.

That Dept is CDIAC (Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center)– and in 1986 they published the documentation books that should be read and understood by anybody reading the Jones et al 1986 journal papers that effectively birthed IPCC global warming.

Now I have no idea if a similar litigation hold notice is effective at CDIAC – but it would be mighty odd if it were not – seeing that Jones work has all been published by CDIAC who to this day publish on their web pages various Jones et al / CRU data and papers.

While we are mentioning “odd”…

In Oct 2005 I wrote to DoE CDIAC asking for the Jones et al/CRU station data and was told:

“.. Phil was not obligated under the conditions of past or present DOE proposal awards to provide these items to CDIAC. I regret we cannot furnish the materials you seek.”