Canberra solar electricity schemes bludge off NSW coal fired generators

The GreenLabor ACT government in Canberra (population ~300,000) has announced plans to increase the generation of electricity by various solar methods.
Of course this has the solar “industry” wetting itself at the thought of more govt subsidies. In all this flurry of feel good self congratulation – there is not one mention that the only reason GreenLabor can afford to do this in the ACT is that we import our serious 24/7 electricity from the national grid – which mostly means – NSW coal fired generators.

6 thoughts on “Canberra solar electricity schemes bludge off NSW coal fired generators”

  1. I’d dearly love to know what the per capita power consumption is in the ACT ( & parliament house with all those erudite politicians to keep comfortable).

    The whole idea is reminiscent of the Danes & the position they find themselves in during “wind droughts”.

  2. In WA the scheme is as follows:

    People are duped into buying asolar system with a “rebate” from the supplier. The rebate is produced by the buyer’s purchase of notional generating capacity (based on the nameplate capacity) which earns RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates). The “rebate” is actually the supplier buying those RECs from the end-user.

    The suppliers of the system then either use the REC’s themselves or sell them to somebody else who’s been mandated to produce a certain amount of renewable energy or to “offset” their notional emissions. Usually, that’s a conventional electricity generator that supplies the grid.

    Of course it all fails. In the first place, the nameplate generating capacity of solar systems is seldom, if ever produced. The consumers of the RECs (the conventional generators) produce as much electricity as they can, but having paid VERY, VERY HIGH PRICES for the RECs, they pass those costs onto the consumers of electricity from the grid; Which accounts for part of the recent hike in prices.

    The market value of the RECs is in the laws that force people to buy them in order to do productive work. People are effectively trading in fines or indulgences.

  3. We would prefer that comments here did not just repeat slogans thank you “coalkills”. You should know that life expectancies in Western societies have been increasing for hundreds of years – at the same time coal consumption and industrialization has increased. So I think your little slogan is not supported by the facts. Of course in developing economies I am sure there are examples of coal use in a manner that by our standards we would say was unwise from a health point of view. But as those nations increase their wealth – they will increasingly adopt cleaner technologies.

  4. Yeah right coal kills but poverty kills more. Have squint at the economy in Spain & a think about where California is going.

  5. So easy to say “Coal is dirty. It kills. Don’t use coal!” not knowing that 56% of their electricity is from coal.And hope you guys will realize that we can’t ignore the fact of life that we will always use coal.And another good part about using coal is that we have a lot of it here.

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