Syria air strikes 12 hours in

I noted OurABC 7pm news Saturday failed to note Turkey said the Western strikes were “appropriate”. A solid success for Trump to get Erdogan onside. Stunning GreenLeft bias for the ABC not to mention Turkey. It looks so far as though this very minor Western action went smoothly. I do not even see claims of significant civilian casualties – surely Assad can pony up some gullible lefty western media on hospital tours.
No claims of British or French jets shot down – not a piece of scrap metal evidence of any shoot-down I have seen. Time yet to get claims in. Early days but it looks as though Russian AA is only claiming some downed cruise missiles – that will terrify the Pentagon. So did the British and French fighters stand off too far? – or does the west have countermeasures? Lots for Vlad to ponder, his economy, the rouble, wasting money on Assad. Now the Russians are locked in tighter with Assad and Iran – Oh and I forgot to add in the Houthis. The West should now keep what initiative they have and enforce as far as possible a defacto no move no fly ban on Assad’s Air Force now that they moved their aircraft to be safe close to the Russians. My impression is that the West has options now – while the Damascus Big 3 are more fenced in.

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  1. From my reading Rog I got that while most missiles came from a USN guided missile ship in the Med there were four sorties by RAF missile bearing fighters ex their Cyprus airbase and I am not sure how many by French fighters who were based? I am not sure where yet. Each fighter probably carried more than one missile.

  2. B1B bombers from Qatar were the first to strike. There is no sign of Tomahawks shot down or there would be propaganda pics. The Russians have just lost billions of arms sales.
    North Korea now knows Russia wont be able save his nukes.
    Iran was gearing up to force the Israelis into the sea, not so much now.
    We now all know President Trump is no pushover and does what he says he will do.


  3. @Tom Harley

    > “North Korea now knows Russia wont be able save his nukes.”

    That’s a really good realpolitik point.

  4. I am sickened by Western leaders constantly parrotting that “this is not about regime change”. Western strategy should be exactly about replacing Assad with maybe some governing cabinet that would not want Iran and Russia in Syria. Simple obvious aim. While a side issue the West should also arrange a boycott of soccer world cup due in Russia not many weeks away. Surely an alt tourney could be roughed up in Euroland somewhere. Make Mr KGB Vlad pay by rubbing his nose in that the West is multiples more powerful than his ratbag criminal plutocracy.

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