NZ bans offshore petroleum exploration – what other nation?

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern bans oil exploration in New Zealand that is.
Clearly whatever minute fraction of global petroleum exploration happens in NZ will seamlessly shift elsewhere on planet earth. Possibly to worse regulated resources. Causing economic harm to NZ is a certainty. Can anybody think of a single positive? Stunning example of virtue signalling.

5 thoughts on “NZ bans offshore petroleum exploration – what other nation?”

  1. Yep, they are playing from the same book as Jay Weatherill.
    That will work until the light go out & the milking has to be done by hand with seal oil lamps or candles.

  2. Jacinda did it without any consultation with the industry. The consequences run deep. Among other matters New Zealand has signaled to the world it is bad risk for any investment.

  3. BTW here is WhaleOil on the subject.
    The great leap backwards begins as government bans oil and gas exploration in New Zealand

    Can Kiwis report; was there any suggestion of this during the election campaign?
    Did candidate Ardern visit New Plymouth and say “we are going to stop oil and gas exploration before mid2018”.
    And locals would have said; “no worries cob we will just start a centre of excellence for basket weaving”.
    Are any New Plymouth people now saying; “you and your coalition parties have just lost our votes Prime Minister”.
    What are the Nationals saying? What will they do?
    Is their any sign from people that failed to vote “2 blues”; that they regret this now? And they realize they have contributed in some small way to this socialist economic experiment that NZ is now embarked upon.

  4. @Roger

    The electorate didn’t vote for Adern en masse, Winston Peters
    and his coterie did after he assessed the competing “offers” (bribes ?) from both major parties.

    I noted then that he had insisted on being appointed Foreign Minister. First, that allowed him to avoid any of this domestic ugliness (which he knew would happen in many ways); second, I wondered then if he had been approached by International Greenery UN- this now appears to be so.

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