4 thoughts on “Greens vote crashes in Tasmania”

  1. How can you expect the Greens and the ALP to prosper when you do not send them enough GST to waste.

  2. Looking around the island Greens pulled 17.2% in Denison (Hobart) 1.03 quotas.
    14.3% in Franklin western Hobart rural 0.86 quota.
    9.1% in Bass Launceston and NE island.
    6.3% in Lyons the central majority of the island.
    3.3% in Braddon the NW and west.
    So just like eastern capitals the Greens vote mainly urban city slickers now.

  3. I never noticed Tas high power prices were an issue in the campaign. Maybe there is a disconnect between Tas power bills and the AEMO price.

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