8 thoughts on “Are tourists so stupid in Australia?”

  1. Ian

    Sadly in a “Safe”world driven by lawyers & liability, very few geology students get the opportunity to get field mapping experience.
    Certainly very few get taught basic skills like changing tyres let alone fixing them.
    Spot Locators & helicopters are all the rage – the lawyers make it so.

  2. BeachGirl – it was more likely that it was another Leakers Leap – jumping across the fence to take a pee and not realizing there is a drop just on the other side. The lakefront of Taupo has a notorious one.

  3. I vaguely remember many years ago that an American tourist, a model no less, was grabbed by a Crocodile while on the foredeck of a pleasure boat somewhere up in the North West.

    In stead of scaring the American tourist trade to the particular area, it reportedly spiked.

  4. @tom dundas

    Well, yes …

    I’m a case-hardened geologist with over 40 years at it. I’ve seen first hand what students can make a mess of, and how …

    No such thing as foolproof – fools can easily find some way to make a mess that you could never have thought of 🙂

  5. Fools are specially equipped to create dangerous situations out of quite normal and safe things. Nothing can be created to counter this situation. as Fools are inherently powerful and group together into quite large Foolish Crowds, that are a danger to themselves and all others.

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