ABC TV staff vetting is ironclad 100% efficient

Over the Christmas-New Year period I have noticed several “new faces” presenting on the ABC News24 TV Channel and I stupidly think “Oh a new face maybe a new viewpoint” and I pay attention to the “political tone” of their questions to interviewees. I have been impressed that whether the subject be Sydney hottest day records and “global warming” – or some actor harassing women – or POTUS mental state – or NORKS suddenly wanting to talk to South Korea and attend winter olympics – or changing the date of Australia Day(to what) – or claims that African migrants are being victimized by media beating up a few cheeky street kids into crime gangs – or efforts at “closing the gap” being undermined by non-indigenous Australians – or trans-sex children are being destroyed at school by people who see kids as girls & boys – or renewable energy saving us from failure of our coal-fired electricity grid – there is never a millimetres variation from the approved GreenLeft script. All new presenters have the same genius ability to generate “Dorothy Dix questions” with cues so dazzling that a blind-deaf-mute could follow in a blizzard. I have to award top marks to the ABC commissars for their screening processes – they can be proud that not ten seconds of disgusting “centrist views” has leaked through to pollute the minds of the proletariat via our TV screens.

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  1. BBC not much better. Have a look at their coverage of the recent Wolff book on Trump:

    They give details of eleven supposedly “explosive” claims, such as that Trump wasn’t in a good mood on Inauguration Day or what Steve Bannon thought about Don Jr.’s meeting with a Russian, or how Ivanka makes fun of Dad’s combover. Not a single policy issue in the whole thing. And the book is so full of bull the author even got a sceptical interview on MSNBC, where he seems to me to look very unconvincing: But the Beeb has been on for days about how earthshattering the revelations are. How many dozen times can they and the ABC go ballistic about nothing over this Trump fellow before their audience smells a rat?

  2. It is the corporate culture from the chairman of the board (selected by a “liberal party” PM) to the managing director and downwards. Nothing can be done about it. Funding is the only lever. Would the PM use that? I think not since he clearly agrees with the ABC ethos.

  3. @ Les Rogers

    > “Funding is the only lever. Would the PM use that?”

    I suggest no PM would use it – the resultant public assassination conducted by the ABC would be absolutely merciless and last millenia. Peppa the Pig was a minor dress rehearsal (you remember: “Give me the money or the kid gets it !”)

    The MSM, especially the tax-funded segment, are completely shameless.

  4. Just heard ABC claim that TC Joyce has reached gusts of 120kmph – this is also stated on the BoM’s Tech Bulletin.
    The highest gust I can find so far was at Broome Airport (85kmph).

    Broome Port 02:36pm N 89
    So is the 120kmph derived from land monitors or satellite estimation?

    Of course, this may change but the BoM has now revised its prediction of the possible strength of TC Joyce from Cat 3 to no more than Cat 1.

  5. Still waiting for some strong wind from Joyce, woke up this morning and it’s gone. What a fizzer.
    Unlike Hilda where trees were down all over the place and winds reaching 169kph at the Port. The SES even missed Hilda, where the eye scraped Broome, we never came to Red Alert. They made up for it with this non-event, although we did get another 80mm rain, bringing the January total to within 10mm of the average for the month.
    This amount of rainfall this early in the wet is a real bonus as it has penetrated deep into the Great Sandy Desert, a favorite spot of mine for plant searching.
    Very pleased we didn’t get wind like Hilda’s, as I am still cleaning up my garden from broken trees.

  6. Joyce predicted to bring rain to Perth at the end of the weekend. We have had a lot more summer tropical moisture reaching Perth in the last 3 or 4 years. Oceanic cycles?

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