Electricity AEMO wholesale prices good news

This Christmas-New Year there has not been a huge synchronised price hike across the eastern States like there was last year – that is the good news. With a hot weekend on us gas prices have spiked – PM should pick up the phone again. The general decline in prices after summer demand passed has been helped by the PM and Ministers yakking the subject but they need to keep talking this year. Good news could be improved if the Feds took over Liddell to ensure that asset could be productive for as long as economically possible in the national interest. Not remaining a plaything of the interest of AGL.
A puzzling feature of my price chart is that tiddler Tasmania with all their hydro is so often the price pusher – why is this so? My suspicion is that the answer is related to their monster hydro debt but whatever – they should be put back in their box. AEMO and NemWatch – Large version chart.

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  1. Note Tasmania is using considerable gas and importing from Vic. SA is using a lot of gas -close to 50% to offset fluctuations of wind. Qld is exporting power and using gas for load matching. Qld has at this time no so-called renewable power generation. Maybe the sugar mills (with their bagasse generation) are still on holidays while it is night time so no solar.

  2. A pretty hot day in Victoria and SA yesterday. Haven’t heard of any blackouts related to generation deficiency.
    I suspect the crunch may come when potential temperatures reach their highest around the end of January, start of February when what remains of our industry starts to crank up again after the holiday break.
    It will be interesting to see whether industry will be coerced into cutting back their demand should they refuse the fist full of dollars on offer for them to do so?

  3. Thanks Ian – I was about to blog their mistake then saw your comment. 1939 would be from mercury in glass too – Amazing the BoM would not have checked their data for Jan 1939 – being such a well known heat wave period.

  4. Is anybody watching the glacial progress of efforts to bring the Santos Pilliga gas to market?
    Our ABC reported – Pipeline worth $450m proposed to support controversial Narrabri Gas Project in NSW 31Mar17
    A Western Slopes Pipeline map gives the idea of where it is. Now I read Pilliga pipeline proponents trapped on farm, police step in 21Nov17. Does anybody have any confidence Govts. will step in and ensure this thing is built without years and years of destructive delays? Does the NSW Govt. have powers of “resumption on fair terms” whatever to create this easement in the State and national interest?

  5. Warwick, in 1981, Nifty Nev through an act of the NSW parliament stole land owner royalties but did not pay compensation (at minimal value) until 1985-87. The NSW government like all states can acquire land and through varies acts (eg land clearing etc) can devalue properties and delay payments so compensation is limited.
    USA has in many states mineral rights and royalty rights for property owners. This has allowed rapid development of oil and gas extraction. If the mineral rights in NSW had not been grabbed for state ownership there would have been much more rapid development of coal mines in the Hunter Valley and across the mountains from Lithgow to Mudgee. Also, coal seam gas fields in the north of the state would now be operating.
    At least the mining tax by which the Federal government wanted to grab royalties in WA was scrapped. ( Do not think it would have withstood a challenge in the High Court if it was not scrapped). The GST taxing powers should be handed back to the states. The federal government should also to hand back to the states all taxing of offshore oil, gas and mineral mining. Then watch mining go ahead in NT, Tas and SA (who would have reduced GST), WA power ahead, Qld start looking for oil & gas in the Arafura sea and the gulf. As other states prosper NSW and Vic would eventually have to follow.

  6. John Howard was quite innovative in avoiding the on just terms requirements of the federal constitution, “The Castle”
    law, when he introduced his vegetation clearance restrictions which effectively expropriated farm land via the states without payment of any compensation.

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