4 thoughts on “Credit where due a big expansion and improvement for NemWatch”

  1. Interesting and useful if it’s accurate.
    Demand the AEMO can’t see – is this private generation, (e.g. small solar in home use or industry in-house used private generation), is it un-metered transmission/distribution losses and/or power station/mine auxiliary plant power consumption? It seems the FAQ’s don’t address this at present.

  2. I have been checking night and day but have only ever seen 30MW in the Battery. Here we are approaching the Adelaide morning peak and the beast is empty with prices around $100. Maybe was already used this morning?

  3. I noticed that “demand the AEMO doesn’t see” values seem to be equal to the values shown for small solar. Whether that’s the whole story I don’t know, perhaps there are other components either not generating, or not yet being shown?
    I presumable the data for small solar generation comes from the distribution companies, although how they would arrive at real time data for this I don’t know. Perhaps its some kind of algorithm (guesstimate) based on predicted demand and prevailing regional insolation conditions?

  4. Yes agree with that Bob. For some reason while AEMO logs an amount for “spinning reserve” in WA which is often near 15% –

    I have not seen SR mentioned for Eastern States. Possibly because the various States prop up one another. Dunno. I am sure AEMO could calculate “spinning reserve” for the 5 Eastern States but they choose not to.
    On the subject of the Battery – I have not noticed any storage for over 36 hours now.
    Near 7.30am 12Dec17 and zero in Battery – could be down for work??

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