Minister Frydenberg oddly misleading about Queensland wholesale power prices

Australian Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg states “In Queensland, over the first five months of this year, electricity consumers paid the highest wholesale prices in the NEM, 30 per cent above the average.”
That statement may be technically true but the chart of AEMO daily prices shows it to be misleading. In fact Qld prices were only notably higher than other States during two price spikes in January and February – for the more than four months post 24 Feb 2017 Qld prices have been subdued compared to the other four States in the Eastern Grid.
Starting the chart on 1st Sep 2016 to clear the price spikes relating to the closure of the Port Augusta coal fired generators – NemWatch – AEMO Price-Demand charts – AEMO Raw daily RRP wholesale price data – NEM Dispatch Overview – Larger version chart

2 thoughts on “Minister Frydenberg oddly misleading about Queensland wholesale power prices”

  1. The Minister could also have stated more truthfully;
    for four months Qld has generated the cheapest electricity of the five States;
    Qld has usually been exporting between 600 and 1200MW to NSW;
    NSW seemingly too lazy to generate enough for itself exports a minority of this to Vic;
    Vic stands as the support for SA when wind is low;
    Tas either imports from or exports to Vic probably depending on the Vic price.

  2. Beachgirl

    > “NSW seemingly too lazy to generate enough for itself …”

    No , it’s deliberate.

    Berejiklian much prefers small-target tactics, so she stays under the radar, avoiding the MSM as much as possible. The meeja allow this because they support her lefty policies, for the most part. Again, we are manipulated, lied to by omission, regarded with contempt …

    The current NSW cabinet is controlled by a tight clique of Sydney inner northside leftoids – Manly, North Shore, Willoughby etc. These people live in this bubble, with no real interest in or knowledge of anything outside it. This is why smug Baird misunderstood the greyhound issue so profoundly (you’ll note his reaction to that when exposed was to run away).

    Berejiklian et al are quietly and deliberately destroying the existing NSW power grid, coal-fired station by station. They simply refuse to say so out loud.

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