The ABC has been attacking PHON as racist

We know the ABC has a team constantly puffing any obscure negative story about PHON and is now promoting the lie that PHON is racist. I have had an email listing a few reasons why people might vote PHON – and I have added some of my own – not in any order of merit.
Thoughtful Australians are sick & tired of –
[1] Over promoted and taxpayer funded renewable energy target MRET destroying our electricity grid.
[2] Lying country shoppers being accepted as refugees aided n abetted by taxpayer funded left-wing lawyers.
[3] Indonesia aiding n abetting n waving through 2.
[4] Authorities being negligently complacent re the general spread of harmful Islam in Australia –
A – spread of FGM –
B – polygamy –
C – child brides –
D – Jihadism –
E – Harmful growth of Islam in prisons.
F – Family Day Care scandals.
[5] Public funded media promotion of “celebrity Muslims” to an extent way beyond their percentage in the population.
[6] Failure by authorities to stop violence being advocated (for example – killing of Muslim back-sliders) in statements made in Mosques and Islamic meetings.
[7] Disgusting facts recently in Sydney press about Islamic influence at Punchbowl High School – a public school.
[8] The general over-promotion of LGBTI whatever alphabet soup in taxpayer funded media and in taxpayer funded institutions.
[9] The disgusting Safe Schools program.
[10] Schools should concentrate more on the 3 R’s.
[11] The impairment of our Defence forces with LGBTI-Rainbow-leftwing-Muslim influences.
[12] Never forget the Collins Class submarines monster $6Bn fail that is still costing us. Many other defence wasteful $burning purchases.
[13] Concentrating defence contracts in Adelaide after monster fail of 12.
[14] Signing up for $50Bn French subs before even a prototype has been built.
Added 8.15am Monday 3 Apr – Thanks Bg the ABC have this classic attack story. Move over Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot –
One Nation former candidates, party insiders reveal Pauline Hanson’s ‘brutal dictatorship’ 3 Apr 2017

3 thoughts on “The ABC has been attacking PHON as racist”

  1. Could add:
    The GreenLeft preventing a plebiscite on same sex marriage.
    Those against 18C constantly being accused of promoting “hate speech”.
    You missed out indigenous issues. Closing the gap, constitutional recognition etc.
    I think many PHON voters are puzzled that with all the dollars thrown at indigenous Australians, “the gap” is as stubborn as it is.
    Why are indigenous kids not attending school at a similar rate as other kids?
    Get the kids to attend school, simple.
    The issue of the indigenous incarceration rate complete with dodgy figures as more people identify as aboriginal.
    Check the ABC online front page today.

  2. It doesn’t make the news but another expensive side effect of mid east migration is birth defects and retardation, due to the extremely high incidence of cousin marriage in these backward tribal societies. Australian hospitals and health networks devote a lot of time and resources to helping the products of these marriages, they should be helped but what is the point of bringing them here in the first place?

  3. The One Nation Insider they refer to is THEIR ABC [Four Corners}.
    Four Corners must be just about ready to run another bleeding heart animal story – to upset genuine animal lovers and animal exporters. Four Corners does this very well.
    And who could doubt Tony Jones’ wife?

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