8 thoughts on “Cyclone Debbie chat”

  1. A visitor from Mars watching our TV News might think rain was a toxic substance. They will be lucky if most storm surge is over before tonights high tide.

  2. Ah yes, storm surge.
    Now that it has been explained to several “journalists”, it is being treated as if the central/north Queensland coast is the only place in the world which has ever experienced a storm surge.
    Who is winning the media competition – 2, 7, 9 or 10?
    I am still trying to fathom whether it is an all out race for sensationalism and hyperbole OR just another heat in the general Australian media race to the bottom.

  3. Just heard on ABC radio a downgrade to a 3.
    ABC radio in Canberra just gave David Marr plenty time for an unfettered attack on PHON saying it was 1st & last simply racist. The fawning local announcer tried to get response from PHON supporters – I did not hear 1. Good. Why ring up to be slimed and lied about. If anybody wants to list reasons why PHON gets support – I can pony up a post.

  4. Warwick, with the new media, a lot of people are now waking up to what some of us have known for a long time that most so called news is just agenda peddling.

    And I am enjoying how the MSM’s ‘fake news’ meme is blowing up in their face.

  5. Let’s face it, what PHON supporter with even the slightest sense of good taste listens to the ABC?

  6. Warwick, I am in the SE Qld area, Had 128mm in the 24hrs to 8.30AM but may have missed a little in taking the measurement as it was bucketing down. However, 200 mm in a day is not unusual. I recall that daughter’s house was flooded in 2012 (due to gutter blockage and overflow) when 450mm was recorded officially in 3 hrs (flooding was shown on TV). Back in 1898 there was close to 1.1 m of rain in 2days at an official station close to my house. The rainfall for March is already greater than the long term average of 260mm but both January and February (at 90mm and 44mm resp.) were well below the long term averages of 240 and 260mm resp,)
    It is somewhat surprising how quickly people forget these days. Previous generations could always talk about the past happenings that occurred. Maybe all the misinformation from greens and alarmists has dulled peoples minds. The hype of news organisations is not new but people had enough common sense to know that they were/are journalists who know nothing and are at the bottom of society respectability along with used car salesmen.

  7. Warwick,

    Evidence from Israel and the SW of WA indicate urban suppresion of rainfall, but these are places with prevailing onshore winds. Hence aerosol levels will rise from low levels as air passes over the city.

    Quite a number of studies shown enhanced rainfall downwind of urban areas. Then there is the Weekend Effect. Reduced in recent years as urban aerosols have declined.

    The whole aerosol/particulate/cloud/rainfall interaction picture is very poorly understood. And it may well be the case that air having crossed the Australian landmass, finds conditions over the east coast cities conducive to increased precipitation. Maybe, it’s as simple as UHI convection.

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