South Australian Minister for Water expresses their Murray Darling Basin policy succinctly

SA MP reined in after ‘F*** you all’ comments over Murray-Darling Basin Plan – slapped on wrist with a bit of cooked lettuce.
All the Crow Eaters want is for the Murray Darling water to run into South Australia unimpeded – then they will do what they want with it – simple.
Imagine the meedja hysteria if a non-Left pollie had said these things.
We expect our politicians to speak robustly but his reported references to women surely make him unsuitable for cabinet office.
NSW and Vic should cut down on environmental flows and use the water as they see fit – then let what is left drain into the failed State of South Australia.

3 thoughts on “South Australian Minister for Water expresses their Murray Darling Basin policy succinctly”

  1. The election of Donald Trump might be affecting peoples brains. Minister Hunter will be protected by the GreenLeft media for sure.

  2. Trump “green” and “left” and gain protection from them?

    Most other people think Trump is too far right, but I think he is right on with his conservative policies!

  3. I see it has taken a few days for a rational reaction to emerge. This time from Senator Anne Rushton. “SA senator lodges complaint over expletive-laden outburst by Water Minister” 20 Nov 2016
    Amazing that Weatherill requires a “formal complaint” and also muddies the water by saying he “…wanted his ministers to stand up for South Australia.” Truly disgusting. Imagine the media if a LNP pollies had made these comments. Remember how the media hounded Abbott every day for years.

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