Confused reporting of cold in New Zealand

The headline in The NZ Herald says – New Zealand hit by record cold temperatures overnight – Yet a reading of the article gives no examples of actual records.
But some bone chilling -20°C overnight lows in the South Island. Hopefully some Kiwis might have better information.
The Met Office over there and NIWA have a very poor online data sources to check weather history. The Australian BoM is light years ahead with their www site.
Kiwis who are interested in weather history would be better served by the NZ weather authorities abandoning their pitiful WWW efforts and contracting that www weather history stuff out to the BoM.

2 thoughts on “Confused reporting of cold in New Zealand”

  1. A NZ reader has emailed me to say –
    [I am unable to verify any of those -20°C temps beyond media reports. This does not mean they did not occur. Clearly they came from somewhere even if only out of people’s heads.
    There was an interview with a middle-aged forecourt attendant in Twizel. One the day the papers were talking about a -20 in Twizel, she said that when she got to work before dawn that day the forecourt temp was -15. That was also the lowest temp recorded at Pukaki Airport just across the road.
    Yesterday the papers had shifted from Twizel and Pukaki and their alleged -20 to Omarama. Can’t get a record from there on-line. The nearest is here: and shows nothing like it.]
    Wazz note – I have just wasted half an hour trying to get the Otematata site to go back to 23rd and 22nd – could not make it in Firefox – tried IE and Chrome – all no luck. Might be my rubbish wireless connection.

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