Chatter about six months of heat downunder but no official BoM Media Release

Those of us in the wide brown land get accustomed to the media blitz about hottest ever this or that period. I see our Minister Wong while away in Copenhagen even joins in. Look for her third segment.

“We know that we’re at the end of what looks like the hottest decade that the world has seen or recorded. Australia’s had its third hottest year in history since measurement began.”

We are accustomed for over a decade now to these IPCC type pontifications on hottest year before the year has ended. We will do some checking in 2010.

During November I heard much media talk that Australia was headed for the hottest six months = hottest winter and spring since records began.

Now that chatter has gone deathly silent.

I see a great big NOTHING at the BoM media release pages re a post Nov announcement specifying heat records for winter plus spring (June-Nov incl).

There is an old saying, “put up or shut up”. Is it the position that November cooled of towards the end and spoiled the party ?

Can any readers record here URL’s to media claims in last month or so of heat records at specific sites that look checkable?

3 thoughts on “Chatter about six months of heat downunder but no official BoM Media Release”

  1. Thanks kandler, I will find them one day, something to check through the holidays. You would think they might warrant a media release.

  2. Does it make sense to try and fit weather data to the strait-jacket of the solar calendar.
    I liked the statement in SCS19 about the hot spell in November

    Prolonged hot spells are rare in November, compared with summer
    and early autumn, in southern Australia for a number of reasons; most significantly, that the subtropical high pressure belt is normally much further north in November than it is between December and March, allowing frontal systems to influence the southern continent on a regular basis instead of passing to the south as is more typical later in the summer.

    So we have an early bout of summer, just like we appear to have had an early bout of winter! Surely the weather is a dynamic system and should be analysed with dynamic tools rather than the procrustean bed of the solar calendar. I am concious that I might appear to be moving the goal posts, but I hope I am not.

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