‘Kill Climate Deniers’ – upcoming new theatre funded by the ACT Govt (Canberra)

I saw a ref to this at Don Aitkin’s blog – and a quick look in google found this – 4th from top. I wonder if readers think this is a proper use of our taxes. At this point I am lost for words…..

ACT Govt Ministers and MLA’s are listed here.
The theatre company Aspen Island has this www site.
Just in case people might think that this is all a “storm in the ACT teacup” and that the title of the play is just to seek publicity and could not possibly result in harm to anybody. Remember this case from 2007 when a Sydney man died – Man charged with murder after lawn watering dispute – Unbalanced people can be incited to cause harm. That the ACT Govt would choose to fund a public event that could be seen as “incitement” or a “threat to cause grievous bodily harm” is stunning.

10 thoughts on “‘Kill Climate Deniers’ – upcoming new theatre funded by the ACT Govt (Canberra)”

  1. Looking at their website address it could read; ‘as penis land’. Surely this company is a joke.

  2. Given the current terrorism threat, this theatre company is really asking for it by titling their work as an incitement to murder. As the shadow minister rightly says “I don’t care if it’s meant to be ironic.”

    But we should also remember that the idea of applying the death penalty to unreprentant global warmingdissenters has already been put up as a serious proposition – see for example joannenova.com.au/2012/12/death-threats-anyone-austrian-prof-global-warming-deniers-should-be-sentenced-to-death/

    The argument of such people is that, since unchecked global warming will cause millions of deaths, those who oppose “climate action” are mass-murderers on a planetary scale and therefore deserve to die even more than serial killers, terrorists etc.

    But the argument is faulty on a number of levels, including:

    – Future deaths from global warming are highly speculative. Most simulations suggest that moderate warming, which is all that can be expected in coming decades, would be a net benefit. At present, deaths from cold still greatly outnumber deaths from heat.
    – “Climate deniers” have no intent to kill. Even assuming they are wrong, their actions lack malice (mens rea) and thus do not amount to a crime, let alone one punishable by death.
    – Killing the unrepentant perpetrators of an idea is, in the long run, ineffective in killing the idea, as fascist, communist, religious extremist, and other tyrannical regimes have discovered.

  3. This play features Tim Flannery wearing a Neandethal-style tiger skin and Christine Milne as herself tearing through Parliament with an assault rife and ready to get level with anybody who voted to repeal the carbon tax

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