2 thoughts on “Marc Morano has this great story from CFact – savour the nuance – British Antarctic Survey trapped without power during record cold -55.4° C”

  1. I’m wondering if 97% of scientists trapped at that base without power will agree that they would be better off in a world that is not warming. Cold can be cruel without the small comforts that fossil fuels provide.

  2. “Halley VI became operational in 2012 and consists of eight modules supported by hydraulic legs on skis. The skis are designed to permit the BAS to periodically reposition the station using bulldozers in the hopes of escaping the fate of past stations which were lost when they became buried under vast accumulations of ice and snow. In the past the station was a major source of reporting on the Antarctic “ozone hole.””

    Obviously more proof that warmer weather causes more snow and ice and the ozone hole and more snow and ice cause a loss of mass..

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