12 thoughts on “Global warming strikes Queensland – Brisbane has coldest morning in 103 years”

  1. Absolutely awesome news.!! Finally some cold following on from the NH cold winter trend perhaps?
    Snow over the alps spectacular and another amazing snow laden cold front to arrive in the south east corner of OZ on the 17th of July. Of course this is a weather event. Not a climate trend… YET?

    Here is a great link from the link you posted

  2. The cynical side of me contemplates that in a few years from now the BOM’s data homogenizing process will flag this as an error and it will either be removed or adjusted back to match the more accurate model.

  3. The BBC says Australia is running out of snow because of global warming.

    Interesting the expert scientist consulted was Al Gore. I believe that the BBC has rules about who is supposed to opine about AGW/climate change. Nigel Lawson can not be on the BBC giving a counter view to AGW, as the BBC says he is unqualified.
    However the BBC allows Al Gore as he’s so qualified to comment about AGW?
    One set of BBC rules – differently applied?

    Not content with just a quick puff-piece on loosing snow, the BBC goes the whole hog and interviews Gore about how and why Australia is doing it wrong.
    Not that the BBC wants to tell Australians what they have wrong – do they?


  4. John M – The BoM flagship adjusted and warmed data ACORN SAT has a station Brisbane Aero but nothing for Brisbane city.
    You can see that Brisbane Aero starts in 1949 and large adjustments of up to 4 degrees cool the minimums so that in a few cases negative mins are now recorded – eg 20 July 1949, 22 July 1951 to pinpoint just two. In this way amazingly nine negative minimums are written into our climate history. If you check the stats for the the old Brisbane Aero station from 1949 here –
    and you see there has never been a temperature below zero recorded. In the new Brisbane Aero starting in 1994 there has been one day of -0.1 in July 2007.
    The Govt needs to get the BoM under control.

  5. Interesting map thanks – the pits of the cold anomaly is around Clermont – Brisbane hardly rates.
    CLERMONT AIRPORT (035124) recorded a minimum of -4.5 Saturday 12 July 2014 but has only been running since 2010.
    Clermont Post Office 35019 has data from 1910 and has a record low July minimum of -3.5 in 2009. The airport is a colder site so it is doubtful if the -4.5 on the 12th was an alltime Clermont area July cold morning.
    Emerald PO read -5.6 in July 1899

  6. Pretty funny. May I remind you people that it’s called Global Warming? The entire continent of Australia represents less that 1% of the surface area of the Earth.

  7. That’s hilarious WxChief.
    Of course that comment is always added when high temperature or drought records in made in Australia (sarc).
    I remind ‘your people’ that there has been no statistically significant temperature increase to the average ‘global’ temperature for over 17 years. That’s called ZERO Global Warming!

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