14 thoughts on “Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey speaks out against wind power and “environmental agencies””

  1. They said it at the result of the election, but it bears repeating:- “the adults are back in charge”.

    I wonder how many of today’s grandchildren will grow up in a harder world for the AGW flight of fantasy?

  2. It is about time the Liberals looked at windfarms, as they provide nothing insofar as reducing CO2 emissions go, and are nothing more than a transfer of wealth from the poor (electricity users) to the wealthy (rent-seeking corporate owners).

    In between they destroy a lot of birds and bats who are unfortunate enough to live (although not for very long) in their general proximity (where are the Greens on this environmental atrocity?).

    Sadly, state Liberals and Labor are almost equally complicit in their establishment, and should be penalised for particularly slovenly decision making associated with their persistence in our lives.

  3. Top of the list Joe…..put the red steer through this lot.

    Climate Change Authority…..yes I know but it is still listed…..Low Carbon Australia Limited….Clean Energy Regulator….Australian Renewable Energy Agency
    Clean Energy Finance Corporation
    The National Environment Protection Council Service Corporation
    IIF Investments Pty Limited…..ban all investments in Climate change/green technology
    Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Org……..trim all research into Climate change/green technology
    Murray-Darling Basin Authority…….get rid of it now!!
    National Water Commission….. responsible for driving national water reform under the National Water Initiative. We provide independent and public advice to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) and the Australian Government by assessing, auditing and monitoring water reform progress.
    National Water Initiative……..Through it, governments across Australia agreed on actions to achieve a more cohesive national approach to the way Australia manages, measures, plans for, prices, and trades water.

  4. But Warwick,
    what about the academics? They’ve just stuck $A100 million of their Superannuation fund into green bonds.

    One part of the solution is provided through the World Bank, which issued its first “green bond” in 2008. The product was designed in partnership with Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) — to support the financing of climate-related projects.

    Since 2008, the World Bank has raised the equivalent of US$5.6 billion via more than 60 green bond transactions in 17 currencies around the world. And the list now includes Australian investors and super funds after the World Bank issued its first million “kangaroo green bond” two weeks ago (that is, bonds denominated in Aussie dollars but issued by offshore borrowers with the funds raised being earmarked to deal with climate change projects).

    UniSuper, with more than $40 billion under management, chose to be the “cornerstone investor” on this transaction, playing a leading role in bringing the deal to Australia, and then taking up a A$100 million stake in the A$300 million deal.

    With the collapse of support for subsidies for ‘green energy’ they will go bankrupt. The current state of the european banks means that many of them might join the collapse. The Verbraucherzentrale für Kapitalanleger (Consumer Agency for Investors – an investor protection organization)
    has issued a letter to Deutsche Bank AG, noted for its appetite for ‘green’ projects warning them about their direction towards losses of one trillion euros. See notrickszone.com

  5. Graeme No.3

    The Abbott government has been flagging the changes since it went to the election with ‘abolish the Carbon tax’.
    Investors were not protected from the South Sea Bubble or the 1929 depression, by either banks or governments.

    They have been in my opinion, forewarned.

  6. redress – last month I put this up –
    Sometimes you see a good news story – Australian National Water Commission might be axed
    Phew – our politicians are quietly working. Australian Commonwealth National Water Commission under threat from Federal Government budget cuts – did they ever produce a litre of water?
    Just a bunch of too-green-climate-change-saluting-doomsters – Wentworth Group followers – pushers for more expensive water – pushers for high environmental flows – did they ever speak out against anti-damism? – shut them down. We need public servants working to bring water to the people, agriculture and industry at the best cost. How radical is that?

  7. redress:
    Hi there! I wasn’t really worried about the academics. They have $A40 Billion in funds and loosing a Billion won’t really hurt their super, but it might shake a few out of their cosy nest and into the real world. I don’t know if the same applies to the ABC which, like the BBC, sends a lot of super into “investments” in green projects.

    “Green” energy is collapsing; no country in Europe can afford to subsidise them at the required rate, nor can they ramp up the cost of electricity as industry will move off-shore and the voters will get angry. Many Germans now understand, thanks to a satirical (and scatological) piece on late night TV, that they are paying $A368 per HEAD for “green” electricity while emissions have gone UP in the last 2 years. The Greens see nothing wrong, indeed want even more money diverted to their pet projects, but the governing coalition has had enough.
    Meanwhile Spain, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Holland, and Denmark have stopped green projects. Norway, Poland and the Czech republic weren’t on board, and if Germany drops out, that leaves the UK and France to carry on (shortly to be filmed as Carry On Loony).

    My comment on european banks stands. Most, if not all, are shaky and in a worse state than in 2008/9.

  8. Hi Graeme No.3

    I agree with you……this has all the hallmarks of another South Sea bubble……my only hope is that the Abbott govt can get the dismantling of the green schemes through the senate before it hits…….a double dissolution is looking likely IMHO…..given the attitudes of Labor, the Greens and PUP.

  9. redress:
    curious that you should choose the South Sea Bubble for comparison. That involved the selling of Stocks with with exaggerated claims but no real prospects of being profitable, by unscrupulous traders, combined with stupidity and corruption of the elected representatives.

    But when that scam was over all the Directors AND principal officers of the Company were fined heavily (up to 98.5% of their worth in the case of the most guilty) and various Ministers were fined and dismissed (as well as 2 deaths and a suicide resulting from the proceedings).

    Would that the same approach was likely when the AGW scam has run out.

  10. UniSuper lost a lot of money on timber company Gunns Ltd. I guess they are now looking to prove they can lose some in an environmentally approved way as well.

  11. Is there a list anywhere of ANU investments? Not UniSuper but ANU – I am curious if they still have their holding in Geodyamics – GDY
    They had 6.9% in 2002 just after the float – lightened to 5.5% in Sep 2003 –
    curious to know.

  12. wazsah:
    as at December 2013 they weren’t in the top 20 shareholders, so must have less than 0.22%. I would think they sold out.

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