New South Wales politicians surrounding the A.C.T. do not want Canberra’s wind farms in NSW

The ACT Government wants to source 200 megawats of power from wind farms in surrounding NSW to power 80,000 Canberra homes by 2020.

It is part of the Government’s target of generating 90 per cent of Canberra’s energy from renewable sources within the next six years.
If all of this wind farm development takes place – it still leaves the ACT reliant on NSW coal fired electricity. That’s the reality.

I note the ACT Chief Minister says there is no room in the ACT for these wind farms. I thought the ACT had plenty of high country that would be windy – what do readers think?

3 thoughts on “New South Wales politicians surrounding the A.C.T. do not want Canberra’s wind farms in NSW”

  1. A fair few windmills could run off just the downwind exhaust of hot air coming out of Federal Parliament, I would guess. They might spoil the autumnal view for politicians going home afterwards however,

  2. I am more than happy for the ACT to become reliant on renewable energy for all their energy needs so long as all the development takes place in the ACT. So, the criteria for this means that any wind, solar, methane, wave or otherwise equipment that involves the generation of electricity via these sources should be located in ACT territory only. Furthermore, the ACT should then cut itself off the national grid and refuse to take any electricity from NSW, VIC and/or any other state as it is obvious they are using harmful burning of fossil fuels to generate this electricity, and I am sure it wouldn’t feel right in an ACT switch anyway. I am confident no-one in the ACT would like to be seen to be subsidising fossil fuel companies either, so that is another reason to refuse external electricity supplies.

    The we can sit back and watch another exercise in extreme stupidity of the Left take place with all the comedic unforseen disastrous consequences that characterises most of their ideas.

  3. Charles:
    These ACT people only want other people to be inconvenienced. Hence proposed placement of bird choppers out of their sight. And naturally they don’t about the instability induced by the wind turbines on “other peoples” electricity supplies.

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