Queensland cabinet Minister can not mention above average February 2014 rain over vast areas of his State

The strange media statement by Queensland Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – The Honourable John McVeigh – fits right into the rich tradition going back many years of strange statements on the subject of rain and drought made by Australian politicians and indeed water authorities who should know better. Some examples –
In 2008 – New South Wales Premier Rees says Tamworth was in drought but BoM maps say no drought near Tamworth
In 2007 – W.A. Govt propaganda takes water supply “post rain”
In 2007 – West Australian Premier talks utter nonsense about rainfall

BTW – note Queensland rain percentages of average for February 2014 – then ask yourself how The Honourable John McVeigh could sign off on his media release linked above.

6 thoughts on “Queensland cabinet Minister can not mention above average February 2014 rain over vast areas of his State”

  1. You know . When l checked out the claims of the ABC and the Agriculture minister myself..The first thing l thought was.. Hmm How come l can’t agree with them..
    You know ..The experts ( BOM/CSIRO)and exemplary figures of authority like the Agriculture Minister .
    Even the media agree with them ..
    So l thought l was loosing the plot
    Thanks for your blog. I can see that my fears are well founded

    But why?
    BOM/CSIRO need funding?? jobs/ heads to roll etc
    Farmers..need money
    Agriculture minister needs money for the farmers as good for votes

    Sounds a bit of a desperate ploy.

    The more l contemplate the seriousness of the claims in your blog
    If they are true.. In time there will be a royal commission.

    If there is corruption. In the end some defector ‘dobs..’.

  2. I am glad you have read back into this weathercycles – The media seldom check into claims that invoke “climate change”. To them BoM – CSIRO are not to be questioned. But in this case the BoM is not the issue. Their rain maps are fine for the purpose – and the BoM www site is really very good at letting viewers examine for themselves various weather factors over various time periods, portrayed as charts or maps.
    In this case it is the Ministers statement to media that could mislead anybody who was not up with the latest rain data. Unfortunately the BBC did not fully understand/interpret what the Minister was saying and his context and ended up making claims that were simply not true.

  3. Don’t worry, the climate scientists at playing dodge ball have come up with a brand new theory. It’s the one that explains why the oceans aren’t rising as fast as they should. It is the rain that fell on Australia is lowering the amount of water in the ocean. Maybe they don’t want people in Queensland to know it’s raining. And in the US they don’t want people to know it is cold, they run pictures of children playing under water sprinklers. Gives that warm and fuzzy feeling as the heater runs all day for those balmy minus 18F days.

  4. The map shows that it was pretty dry in SE Qld and NE NSW in February but the short period of relative dry weather going back to Sept 13 has now broken with local flooding in parts. Just passed through Murwillumbah where the Tweed has overflowed in spots= including parts of the old Princess Hwy. Flood warnings for the Bremer river near Brisbane and the Mary river at Gympie.. At my place the 120yr average for March of 266mm has been exceeded with 311mm upto this morning (28th) most over the last 4 days.

  5. I think it would be good to have a ‘good’ operational definition of drought
    The term is used very loosely and is easily abused

    For example ..Gympie
    Has been drought declared ..BUT note they were above their average rainfall for 2013
    There yearly mean IS 1129mm but hey actually had 1404mm
    Only 130mm short of the 90th percentile
    So one has to ask
    How can this region be drought declared?

    The major wants another 100mm to ‘officially’ break the drought
    It seems anyone can call the shots on drought without referring to BOM data


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