Is sea level falling at Portsea, Victoria, Australia? – thats 60km SSW of Melbourne

The ABC report –Victorian Government ‘not happy’ about extension to Lindsay Fox’s Portsea property – for the uninitiated Mr Fox is a well known trucking magnate.
I quote – “The high-water mark has fallen in recent years,…”
Perhaps the Mornington Peninsular is rising? I have not heard.
Hoping an informed reader can cast some light.
I like the idea the Victorian Govt is furious with something – shows a sign of life I suppose.

5 thoughts on “Is sea level falling at Portsea, Victoria, Australia? – thats 60km SSW of Melbourne”

  1. From the Linfox website…. “Linfox set a new goal to reduce our rate of greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent by 2015 based on 2006-2007 emissions. This was announced by Linfox CEO Michael Byrne in March 2010. Linfox has cut its carbon emissions rate by 36 per cent to date.”
    This was clearly aimed at lowering sea levels to provide Mr Fox with a better coastline and it is clearly working!

  2. The Monthly sea levels for Point Richards Channel – 1999 to 2012 – look remarkably stable over the 12 year period. As most of the World’s records of sea level are ‘adjusted’ , (like temperature) to show a global sea level rise (for CAGW) purposes, this is very likely a slight fall.

  3. The Doctrine of Accretion or Erosion

    Common law rule:
    If one boundary of the land is a river or the sea or a lake and there is a gradual and imperceptible shifting of the river or shoreline and this is caused by the operation of natural causes, then this results in a corresponding shift in the boundary of the land.

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