Australian Government Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper says carbon capture & storage CCS is “not commercial”

The 2014 Green Paper an be downloaded and read from here – If you search the pdf file – at the bottom of pdf page 18/67 (page 12 in a paper copy) CCS is referred to as “not yet commercial” [Other opportunities reflect technologies that are not yet commercial, such as carbon capture and storage…]

Hopefully we can expect to see an end to the multiplicity of taxpayer funded quangos that have grown up around CCS. Just google carbon capture and storage.
I seem to recall CCS began to be funded bigtime under the Rudd Govt. Am I right recalling sums on a scale of hundreds of $millions being bandied around?

2 thoughts on “Australian Government Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper says carbon capture & storage CCS is “not commercial””

  1. Looking at the list of operational carbon capture projects in wikipedia, most of them get CO2 from natural gas extraction (The CO2 has to be removed) and all of them re-inject the CO2 into gas/oilfields, where the CO2 has some commercial value, enhancing gas/oil production.

    Projects of the type envisaged at Collie, WA, seem little more than very expensive pipe dreams – cap rock or no cap rock.

  2. Philip
    Where do you reckon the NSW government would be thinking of getting CO2 to sequester or use for the well they are apparently drilling near Louth? And second hole near Wilcannia.

    Are there any sequestration projects anywhere where they pipe large volumes of captured CO2 750km?

    Taxpayers money at work- wear your PPE( bullshit filters)
    A quote from the above NSW Govt Coal Innovation page – “Once the drilling program is complete, this new information will improve understanding of the geology of the Darling Basin. It will indicate if there are rocks suitable for storing carbon dioxide and provide deep temperature information that can be used to assess the geothermal potential of the area.”

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