Minister Hunt should require the Bureau of Meteorology to be less excited in its output

Andrew Bolt has said what many of us know – that over-hyped warmist propaganda about heat waves is blitzing the media. – What’s hot is the alarmism back home
The prevalence of ridiculous sensationalist language such as boiling, roasting and sizzling to describe hot summer weather that has manifested many times in our history, should be discouraged.
For a start the Minister should insist that – weather forecasts should be archived and any additional statements made by the BoM and its personnel must be archived as media releases. That includes no phone calls, emails whatever – any additional output must be archived as media releases.
Under my suggested scheme the BoM can say what it likes but the content must be official, on-record and checkable.
I wonder what readers think – is media of our current heat wave balanced ?

8 thoughts on “Minister Hunt should require the Bureau of Meteorology to be less excited in its output”

  1. Spot on!
    BOM staff are clearly caught up in the emotional hype of “warming”. They continually forecast potential highest maximums.
    We’ve seen it in both Perth and Adelaide recently. I’m not a scientist but if I was i think I would be extraordinarily exasperated.
    It is the new religion.

  2. I presume everybody has, or will, read “Forgotten: Historic hot temperatures recorded with detail and care in Adelaide”.

    One commentator asked why the 1939 record of 47.6ºC had been reduced to 46.1ºC?

    Another “They have been desperate to break a record here in Adelaide all week but alas none have been broken, the BOM initially predicted 48C today and the media jumped all over it by saying it was the highest prediction ever “a new record”, even the revised 46C was created more in hope than professional integrity”.

  3. The media everywhere hypes weather events, but that is no excuse for the BoM to do the same.

    Unsurprisingly, the ABC is one of the worst offenders. I caught a segment a couple days ago talking about the heat wave in the East, and they implied it was also hot in the West, which was false. It has been unusually cool the last week for mid-Jan here in Perth.

  4. Wareick,

    They really outdid themselves today. Check the prediction for Hobart – a Sizzling 38C, it barely made 32C and is now plummeting as I type this to you. We need to document this overexaggeration by the BOM forecasting of hot days.

    cheers, Basil

  5. Remember this from early November – New BoM heatwave alert system –
    a clear sign there were plans to beat up heat. In recent days we have had politicians facing elections soon getting their faces free on an obliging ABC TV yakking inanities about dangers of hot days. As if Australians have not coped with summer heat all of our centuries in the wide brown land. The exact same politicians endangering our electricity system with windmills. Brownouts will get people angry in very hot weather, GreenLabor better get that message.
    Philip – did you realize the BoM take AWS temperatures at 1 second intervals. They do not say that max or min T is taken as a 1 sec reading, they say derived from 1 sec readings.

  6. An official record is a must in these digital days.
    As we all know of wikipedia’s editing facilities, check out the page on BoM employee, David Jones.
    It claims (as of this comment & supporting link) he was mis-quoted , “This drought may never break.”
    Yet, here it is, in all it’s glory:

    Does Jones know & approve of this deceptive editing?

    Time to set the record straight and accountable.

  7. Warwick
    The official highest temp for Adelaide is 46.1C on 12th Jan, 1939 (West Terrace w/s).
    Yet ACORN (which is usually adjusted downwards) says 46.4C. Here’s an excerpt from the site at
    19390110 46.2
    19390111 34.9
    19390112 46.4
    So did someone stuff up?
    Mr Hunt should form a committee to audit the BOM and demand that the agency inform us of previous events in order to balance the report.
    Also check out the new website Scorcher ( Say no more.

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