“Heatwave expected to hit one-third of Australia over Christmas” – Bureau of Meteorology dud prediction on 18 December 2013

It looks clear there will be no Christmas heat wave of any significance this Christmas. Here is the BoM prediction – Heatwave expected to hit one-third of Australia over Christmas – If you check forecasts for your region of SE Australia you can see what an utter dud the BoM is.

I am calling for reports on how this is going – buckled railway lines – whatever. Can people please call in temperatures in their regions, thanks. You can check maximum temperature anomalies for past days or weeks etc here.
[The BOM’s assistant director of weather services, Alasdair Hainsworth, says the heatwave could last for about a week.
“Unfortunately it is going to be be a fairly protracted period of hot weather,” he said.
“Maybe in some of the coastal locations it won’t be quite so protracted, but over inland parts of south-eastern and eastern Australia, I think we are looking at around about a week’s worth of very hot weather.”
Mr Hainsworth warns that Christmas travel plans may be disrupted.]

I am offering a prize for the first report of buckled railway line up to and including Friday 27 Dec – the BoM Memorial Sixpack of Aldi White Wine – winner can choose any variety up to $5 per bottle, you can collect at your nearest ALDI.

16 thoughts on ““Heatwave expected to hit one-third of Australia over Christmas” – Bureau of Meteorology dud prediction on 18 December 2013”

  1. For those of us that worry about the advent of the next glaciation, the increases in Antarctic sea ice continue and are concerning to say the least.

    It’s not generally known that south of the Antarctic circle around the summer solstice, ie now, is the place on Earth that gets the highest amount of daily solar radiation of anywhere on Earth at any time of the year. Hence it is the place where albedo changes have the greatest effect on the climate.

  2. Season’s Greetings Mr H. So two thirds of Australia is not experiencing a heat wave.
    That is a relief.
    Have a safe & happy Festive season.

  3. Antarctic tourist ship trapped by sea ice – Sydney Morning Herald
    Just as well I specified “buckling of rail lines” to payout on the ALDI Wine prize – otherwise I might have felt obliged to payout on the news of these “delayed travel plans”.
    Raining in Canberra now and over much of inland eastern NSW. Fighting off those heatwaves.

  4. My son in NSW western suburbs tells me that Xmas day was rainy all day and cool. 24C max. Must be the coolest heatwave ever recorded. It’s worse than we thought.

    Btw, I live in EUrope.

  5. Wouldn’t mind a bit of a heat-wave over here in Kiwi Land. Hasn’t even been warm enough for an ocean swim yet, got a sweater on today – a bit disappointing really. You can never really pack away your Winter clothing over here either. Shouldn’t complain too much though – was worse for the South Island as they had really wicked & sustained hail-storms a couple of weeks back that was not very helpful to stone-fruit that was trying to ripen.

  6. Nobody has claimed my SixPack of ALDI Wine prize worth $30.
    Sorry I can not compete with the ABC and their $100 shopping voucher.
    What an absolute failure the BoM Christmas heatwave prediction has been. I am looking forward to an explanation of how the synoptic situation evolved so utterly different to what they expected.

  7. Buckled railway lines seem to be yet another example of how quickly we forget the hard learned lessons of our past. I can remember mid last century there was the odd instance of rail buckling during Victoria’s inevitable summer heat waves, but by and large the trains would run to a normal time table. However, with the advent of our so-called fast county train network, it appears the railway designers forgot that steel rails, even modern continuous welded rails, inevitably expand in the summer heat.
    Maybe our current problems are the result of trying to do things on the cheap to accommodate shonky pre-election planning by the Bracks ALP government a few years back. As we’ve found to our cost ALP governments both federal and state don’t do infrastructure very well We hear all sorts of lame excuses e.g. it’s the sleepers, it’s the poor track ballast or even the trains travelling too fast. To see this kind of incompetence passed off as some kind of new phenomenon is a gross insult to Victoria’s railway designers of the past. Here in Victoria we even have “Heat Timetables“. This weather forecast doesn’t look all that extreme to me? If we can’t do continuous welded track properly then far as I’m concerned it’s a case of “bring back the clickety clack!”

  8. Despite the warm weather around NW NSW, Bourke was a cool 24.6C for Christmas. Had to turn the air con off.

  9. The “heat wave” conditions for my semi arid region of Australia…..from 22nd to the 28th….i.e. one week

    22/12 .. High 30, Low 23.8
    23/12 .. High 21.6, Low 16.1
    24/12 .. High 25.5, Low 15
    25/12 .. High 30, Low 18.6
    26/12 .. High 31.6, Low 23.8
    17/12 .. High 29.4, Low 14.7
    28/12 .. High 40, Low 14.8

    Dec 1997-2012 Daily max…..1997 was when they moved the official weather station from the Post Office to the airport.
    Highest… 44.8°C 31st 2005
    Lowest… 19.9°C 13th 2008

    Epic fail BoM……..

  10. George had this comment on the wrong thread – it is more relevant here.
    George Bailley
    January 19, 2014 at 1:23 pm
    Australia – Christmas to new year 2013 – 1/3 of Australia 4 degrees or more above average – tinypic.com/r/20zxwyh/5

    Added to the map for 23 Dec above – these additional maps show the extent to which mother nature destroyed the BoM Christmas heatwave fantasies.
    Christmas Eve 24 Dec 2013

    Christmas Day 25 Dec 2013

    Boxing Day 26 Dec 2013

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