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December temperatures start cool across Australia

If you make maps here for maximum and minimum anomalies – period one week – you can see the extent of cool anomalies.


Maximum Anomaly


Minimum Anomaly

After a record warm spring where most of the heat was in September – mean anomaly 2.75°C, October had a 1.43° anomaly and November 0.52°.The first 10 days of December look to have been cooler than average.

You read it first here.

Contrast this reality with the amount of talk about heat you hear on TV weather segments.

5 comments to December temperatures start cool across Australia

  • Graeme No.3

    Sumer is icumen in,

    Lhude sing, cuccu;

    The TV weather has spent the last 5 nights carrying on about the coming “heat wave”
    for Adelaide (2 days long, Dec.18 – 38 ℃ & 40℃ next day).
    They even started with an 8 day forecast to get it into their “headlines”.

  • Charles

    These numbers are rubbish, the last two months (October and November) surely must be among the coolest spring/summer months in last 40 years or more. I have been watching the numbers in a rural location in SA where I live, and October and November were between 1 and 2 C less than average, and it was a lot cooler in some other places, particularly VIC and WA. So I am guessing they are cherrypicking their airport locations (again) to come up with these numbers.

    What a shambles, they can’t even cheat with any sense of integrity these days, must be a real Ice Age on its way.

  • Those numbers are “all Australian land area” and you can get them from the BoM Time Series www page

    Looking longer term the older BoM numbers in their ACORN data used here are adjusted cooler – and IMHO their warming trends are not worth a cup full of warm spit. But individual recent months should be a closer measure.

  • Another week of max and min anomalies available – up to the 17th here now –
    the maximum anomaly map has a warm patch over SW WA – the rest of continent near average – the minimum anomaly map is overall somewhat cooler.
    So I would estimate that for all Australia to the 17th December the mean temperature anomaly would be not far removed from zero or average.
    Christmas heatwaves on the way we are told.

  • You can now make weekly temperature anomaly maps up to 24 Dec – eyeballing the three sets for December so far – week ending 10th, 17th and now 24th – it looks to me as though mean December temperatures across Australia will not be very far above average to the 24th.

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