Is this worthy of main National news ?

So a hand full of Army pers. are sending around obscene emails.
I am shocked and amazed!! – but surely it is primarily an Army disciplinary matter. Today in the early afternoon ABC News24 was running with this as though it was WWIII.
They said the details had been with Army for months – why the release today – it could have nothing to do with the puncturing of the PM’s Menugate revelations?

6 thoughts on “Is this worthy of main National news ?”

  1. I watched the press conference and found the hand wringing over done. And of course, the only relevant question wasn’t answered. Did anyone do anything illegal, and if so what law or laws did they break?

    Poor taste, no matter how poor, isn’t illegal.

  2. Bearing in mind the ADF has ~50,000 active members and another 20,000 or so reservists. I think the number of 107 quoted yesterday by General Morrison – or 0.2% of the entire personnel. I would have thought that in any major area of employment the percentage might not be as low as that. What puzzles me is that with national security issues I would have assumed that all ADF emails & comms are scanned to some extent – I am surprised dodgy language could flick around the network for more than 24hrs without a crackdown.

  3. Funny, but wasn’t the ALP aware of both the “menu” and the “ADF scandal” months ago. If we were cynical we might suspect both to be simply diversionary tactics intended to take media focus away from increasingly desperate, ill conceived stunts like the PM’s recent “blue ties” thought bubble.

    These “scandals” seem to have a habit of arising, just by coincidence, at times when a media diversion is most opportune, e.g. the farcical “drugs in sport” witch hunt.

  4. Warwick,
    I thoroughly agree with you that the ABC went completely over the top on coverage. And with Bob in C: that Labor is trying to find something to take people’s mind off their “performance” in government, although I think that the timing was more to do with the boat tragedies off Christmas Island.

  5. PB – sorry but your comment got caught in the spam queue for 24 hrs or so – what a revelation.
    Getting more like the “drugs in sport” beat up.

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