Australian Family First Senator Steve Fielding is quoted saying “global warming is not real”

An interesting development reported by the Murdoch news. This little saga has run for over a couple of weeks now as the Rudd Labor Government tries to pass its emissions trading legislation.
Joanne Nova has reported on the Senator’s meeting with Minister Penny Wong. Then there has been several articles on the issue, for example this in The Australian.
Interesting point lost on most is that now the fledgling Climate Sceptics Party might have a de facto senate candidate – whenever the next senate election is for Steve Fielding.

2 thoughts on “Australian Family First Senator Steve Fielding is quoted saying “global warming is not real””

  1. Yes
    Senator Xenophon’s position (from his website).
    ‘I am not a climate change sceptic. I believe that global warming is real and that the overwhelming scientific evidence is that it is caused by human activity. So, we must take responsibility for finding a way to reverse this dangerous trend.

    As a nation, we should live up to our international obligations and set a good example for the rest of the world.

    A properly designed emissions trading scheme will be an important part of reducing Australia’s carbon emissions.’

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