IPCC ingrained ignorance revealed again in hand-wringing statement about flooding on Maori land “…low-land plains…”

This IPCC leaked text is available here. –

Large proportions of Maori owned land (>60%) are steep and hilly and susceptible to damage from high intensity rainstorms and erosion; while low-land plains and terraces are vulnerable to flooding and high sedimentation (Harmsworth and Raynor, 2005; King et al., 2010).

Can somebody tell the IPCC that “low-land plains” are FORMED by floods over the aeons. Rivers and creeks flood and carry sediment out over bordering lands. This sediment drops out of suspension to form a new soil layer. A process that has been repeating since the beginning of time. You can not have “low-land plains” without occasional flooding and associated sedimentation.

4 thoughts on “IPCC ingrained ignorance revealed again in hand-wringing statement about flooding on Maori land “…low-land plains…””

  1. I’m sure most capable geologists have a big cackle over statements like that; like they do over a lot of the alarmist drivel.

  2. @Dave N

    Yes, we do, actually. Although it’s not so much a “cackle” as a wry grin.

    A Dilbert cartoon strip some time ago portrayed a geologist talking to a class on what his profession did, where in the final frame he laments: “Eventually rumour swamps fact and I give up”.

  3. The New 21st Century Paradigm Shift in Climate Change Science

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    No back radiation caused the Earth’s surface to be 288K (or the Venus surface to be over 730K) all on its own, somehow multiplying the Sun’s energy. What did cause it was thetemperature distribution brought about by diffusion of kinetic energy in a gravitational field, and this process continues to maintain surface temperatures as atmospheres absorb direct incident Solar radiation, the only possible radiation that can keep them at the observed temperatures. For more detail read “Planetary Surface Temperatures. A Discussion of Alternative Mechanisms”published by PSI in November 2012, as well as this week’s article mentioned above and linked below.

    Doug Cotton




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