Australian Climate Commission statements need examining with a fine toothed comb

Saw this headline – Australia getting hotter with greater risk of heatwaves: Climate Commission.
So I checked what the gold plated measure of Global Warming had to tell us. Annual data for the CRUTem3 land only dataset covering the Australian region 10 to 45 South and 110 to 155 East, updated through November last. Looks like this.

Clearly NO global warming was impacting Australia up till end November last – periods in the 1880’s and pre-1920 exceed recent warmth – since mid 2010 our temperatures have been mostly moderate. I will update this post as fresh data comes in for CRUTem3.
To allow us a peep at temperature anomalies for Australia in the lower troposphere from NASA satellites – we have this global map showing the anomaly for 2012 – note Australia is an utter non-event, mostly cooling, if anybody is thinking, “Global Warming impacting Australia”. Then we have a similar map for December 2012, same story, Australia is a non-starter re Global Warming. Satellite LT temperature archives.

3 thoughts on “Australian Climate Commission statements need examining with a fine toothed comb”

  1. Auckland had three, or was it four, The End Is Nigh stories in the New Zealand Herald yesterday and, of course, WE ARE TO BLAME. I did not bother to respond. The writers’ minds are made up and they don’t wish to be confused with facts.

  2. Convincing the populace-at-large, who are mostly scientifically illiterate and mathematically innumerate, that CAGW will visit Armageddon upon a greedy world is the CAGW clique’s most valuable achievement – far more so than wobbly models and unfalsifiable hypotheses

    MSM editors act as gatekeepers, so contrary facts are not permitted

  3. Just picking up on your comment re warmer periods between 1890s and 1920.
    I looked through the SPECIAL CLIMATE STATEMENT 43 – INTERIM (Jan heatwave) and found that the av mean temp for 7th Jan, 2013 was 0.1C higher than 21 Dec, 1972, thus becoming the hottest day in Australia. I presume that the Bureau would have data going back to 1910 and would do ‘apples to apples’ checking for all dates.
    I don’t seem to be able to google any specific heatwave for Dec 1972 but you would think that one of the days in early January 1939 would surely have been hotter.
    Of course the 1896, 1906 and 1908 temperatures are not recognised but surely just the fact that these HWs happened should be mentioned when talking about extreme weather events. One would think that there were no extreme weather events before 1950.

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