BoM exaggerated Brisbane heatwave – and it was only a “one day wonder”

It puzzles me that recent Brisbane forecasts have all been inaccurate with the errors being the same way – forecasts are too hot. I do not expect exact forecasts but I expect errors should be roughly even both ways. Media claptrap about a “heatwave” has been apparent since late November heat built in the centre culminating in the all time record hot November day of 45.5 degrees at Mildura on the 29 November. This heat spread south east, east and north-east but the intensity decayed quicker than the BoM forecast – see my earlier post re forecast failures for Sydney and Canberra.
Date Brisbane Forecast – Brisbane Weather
27-Nov——- 30 ——-29.4
28-Nov——- 32 ——-30.3
29-Nov——- 31 ——-29.9
30-Nov——- 32 ——-30.6
1-Dec——– 32 ——-30.2
2-Dec——– 32 ——-29.8
3-Dec——– 33 ——-31
4-Dec——– 39 ——-37.9
Brisbane media Dec 2nd and on the 3rd

2 thoughts on “BoM exaggerated Brisbane heatwave – and it was only a “one day wonder””

  1. Its the forecast high temperatures that get the media hype, irrespective of whether they are reached. Highs not attained are long forgotten by the time the next days news comes aground, by then the warming narrative has been served, even if the forecast temperature was never reached. Certainly these unattained high forecasts seem to happen far more frequently than low forecasts for it to be random forecasting error?

  2. As Andrew Bolt points out….
    “The mercury in Canberra plummeted to 0.3 of a degree overnight – the coldest December minimum on record.
    ….No mention of climate change this time: A duty forecaster from the Canberra office of the Bureau of Meteorology said … “It’s what we call an air-mass change.””

    Ed note: They are so clever Lank. We are indeed fortunate to have their explanations to guide us.

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