2008 update-Perth dam catchments rainfall still OK, Govt will build +$Billion seawater desal plant.

As this graphic shows, Perth dam catchments rainfall has proved remarkably reliable over 34 years in the face of recent WA Govt propaganda spruiking, “our drying climate”, etc etc. See my late 2007 article, “There never was a rain shortage to justify seawater desalination for Perth’s water supply”
and downloadable word doc with several rational proposals vastly cheaper and better than seawater desalination to augment Perth water supply.
Perth dam catchments rain 1975-2008
But the new WA Govt are on the edge of going ahead with the plus $Billion new desal plant at Binningup just north of Bunbury.
Disgraceful waste of taxpayer monies, exactly at a time we are entering economic rough times. Crazy.

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