After two years of moderate temperatures the BoM hyperventilates about late Spring heat

These mean temperature anomaly maps show Australia has experienced moderate temperatures overall for the last 24 months.
Mean temperature anomaly map for 12 months ending 31 October 2011

Mean temperature anomaly map for 12 months ending 31 October 2012

Now we have a hot spell in the centre and the BoM is predicting heat records today for many sites.

6 thoughts on “After two years of moderate temperatures the BoM hyperventilates about late Spring heat”

  1. It’s currently 19C in Perth after a Southern Ocean low pressure cell came as far north as Perth and has given us a blast of Antarctic air. Less than a week ago it was 38C.

    Australia is about the same size as the high pressure systems that constantly circle the mid-latitudes. And if one side of Australia is experiencing abnormally cold weather the other side will experience abnormally warm weather.

  2. Just about reached 32C in Broome today,13C less than NW Victoria. Our Nov averages are above the mean, as were Octobers, due to a warmer sea, than the past two years of below average temps.

  3. Manjimup WA second lowest minimum on record. Anomaly of -4.2C Maximum anomaly of -9C
    Ed note: Thanks for the heads-up Ted – you get an overview of the months temps at Australian Weather News – pick your region.
    I see Manjimup had a 5.7 min on the 12th.
    Interesting to make the anomaly maps for each day at this BoM page –
    you can choose various anomaly maps – then if you click on the link “Colour maps and grids” – you can select a map for any day in any month.

  4. Watching Win Ch9 weather news in Canberra last night (Thursday) they referred to our 33 yesterday as a heatwave and also on Wednesday evening weather also referred to heatwave for the next day. I just wonder who writes this rubbish. Remember all the way back to Nov 2009 ?

  5. Nine News Victoria last night was full of red scary graphics and included the claim that it was Victoria’s “hottest November day on record
    How the “record” claim was substantiated is unclear. It certainly was a hot day in Victoria, but one would think that the record claim would need to be qualified in terms of things like the duration and continuity of temperature data record for the stations involved. Also in question are things such as changes to land use at the station site as well as any station relocation(s) or data adjustments that have occurred.

  6. Bob
    Mildura recorded 45.5C, its highest temp on record. However, it is interesting that the AWS at Mildura Airport shows that the highest temp reached was 44.8C at 15:19, then dropped to 43.9C at 15:29. The AWS was recording in 10 min intervals (and sometimes 1 min intervals) so you would think that if it reached 45.5C it would have shown up on the graph. Anyone know why?

    Australia has been tracking for a below average year in 2012 (the first 7 months’ means have all been below average) but if December is hot it could tip us back to slightly above average.

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