6 thoughts on “Oxfam congratulates Australian Govt on wasting our money”

  1. Far more money will be wasted world-wide because of the GH hoax.

    Physics tells us that the adiabatic lapse rate represents that change in temperature that is required to keep the entropy of a parcel of air or water constant when its pressure is changed in an adiabatic and isohaline manner.

    Gravity alone determines the change in pressure for a given atmospheric mass. So gravity alone determines the adiabatic lapse rate.

    It seems that most climatologists have never learnt this basic fact of physics, so they were bluffed into believing a false conjecture that an imaginary greenhouse effect caused the observed temperature gradient responsible for the surface temperature being higher than the planet’s radiating temperature.

    Consideration of what happens on Venus (whose surface receives only about 10% of the insolation received by Earth’s surface) demonstrates that the adiabatic lapse rate can be the only reason for the surface temperature being hundreds of degrees hotter. Thus it also demonstrates the fiction of the GHE conjecture.

    Refer Section 8 of this paper for more detail on Venus.

  2. Agree it does read like our share would be $2Bn PA from 2013 on if other donors pony up $98Bn.
    Like suckers kept in the dark we will hear of this colossal waste of money after the event.
    Our only power is a very infrequent vote.

  3. I believe in New Zealand today we clebrate being free of Kyoto. Maybe it is later this month.

    I know the local Greens are having a fit and declaring we are international pariahs for not sticking with the EU and Oz.

    Does anyone know who else is still involved with Kyoto in the shape of Kyoto II?

  4. If Dr KA Rogers is the same Kerry Rogers who taught me crystallography at Auckland Uni in the late’60’s, Hi!. No, I am not aware of anyone else prepared to stump up to K2 at this stage.

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