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Measuring BoM headline bias when introducing their 3 month temperature Outlooks

Let us look at the words in the BoM headlines announcing the last twelve three monthly temperature Outlooks.
I count the word ‘warm’ or ‘warmer’ used NINE times, the word ‘cooler’ was used ONCE and ‘mixed’ was used THREE times.
Here is a map for that same twelve month period

The continent has been mainly cooler than average.
The BoM clearly has a bias towards announcing ‘warm’ events.
I rest my case m’lud.
For list of 12 BoM headlines
Date Posted Description of Item
July 18 A warmer late winter to mid-spring favoured for most of Australia
June 20 Warmer season ahead for most of Australia
May 23 Warmer winter for large parts of the country
April 24 Warmer days favoured in the south
March 21 Warmer days favoured across the south and north; cooler days in the east
February 22 Warmer autumn nights for western and eastern Australia
January 19 Warmer days favoured over southeastern Australia
December 20 A mixed temperature outlook for the March quarter
November 22 Mixed summer outlook for Australia
October 25 Mixed temperature outlook for Australia
September 19 Warmer season favoured for most of Australia
August 25 A warmer than normal spring favoured for the tropics

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