Bob Foster offers comprehensive alternative to IPCC science

Download 2.4 MB pdf of Bob’s 49 page well documented and illustrated pdf paper, “Will it be warmer or cooler? Just wait: Time reveals Truth”.

Download 4 MB pdf of Bob’s recent paper, The Global Refrigerator – And Now A Switch ?
plus his 1974 paper, Eocene echinoids and the Drake Passge.
The Drake Passage, as in Sir Francis Drake, is south of Cape Horn

Download 1.3 MB pdf of Bob Foster comments on happening at Melbourne University, Earth Sciences and Letters to Editor of newsletter, The Australian Geologist.

2 thoughts on “Bob Foster offers comprehensive alternative to IPCC science”

  1. Andy Gleadow’s claim that 20th century temperature changes are well outside of historical oscillations during the Pleistocene is contradicted by published literature describing both Heinrich events and Dansgaard-Oeschgard events, during each of which changes of several degrees per century have been detected.

    Gleadow also shows the usual blindness of the AGW proponents, who systematically fail to recognize the very large uncertainty limits attending both historical climate reconstructions and GCM climate projections. Their views have a surety that is entirely unsupported by science. The IPCC is especially guilty of misrepresenting the uncertainty limits of GCMs.

    These misrepresentations can be either blind or conscious, but in either case reflect something virtually indistinguishable from pious fraud.

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