True temperature trends for Puerto Rico hidden in fragmented data

Last year I posted “San Juan Puerto Rico, EXACTLY how UHI warming can get into global gridded T trends” . I should have added this Fig 4 from Duchon’s 86 paper that I refer to.

There is IPCC AGW shouting out from the UHI affected San Juan trend, incorporated by Jones et al and the IPCC of course.

The trends below in Fig 4, from smaller places show little warming. Data are of poorer quality in a technical sense, but that is where the truth is.

2 thoughts on “True temperature trends for Puerto Rico hidden in fragmented data”

  1. In other words global warming is mainly UHI effects. But try to get the historical data for Giles now Warwick – One used to get the data easily – now it’s slightly more difficult.

  2. For the Swiss, who may be trusted for the quality of their data, it seems as if global warming over the 20th century is only due to a big jump in the 1980s. Hardly attributable to a monotonic rise of CO2.
    See the graphs here.

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