Durban COP17 realities revealed in collapsing Euro carbon price

The one year chart of ICE ECX EUA Futures just says it all about what was achieved at the Durban climate talkfest.
Carbon price
Our GreenLeft Canberra Govt recently set a carbon price @ AU$23 = currently EU17.5. – which is about 2.7 times the current European carbon price. So I hope anybody thinking of buying Australian Carbon Credit Units or spending money setting up a Carbon Farming scheme – thinks very carefully about the value of the product.

4 thoughts on “Durban COP17 realities revealed in collapsing Euro carbon price”

  1. How about manipulation.
    “In a non-binding vote, the parliament’s environment committee agreed to broad support for lowering the number of carbon emission allowances from 2013. European carbon prices jumped 30 percent almost immediately after the vote…”

    That should kill off any chance of the EU avoiding recession if it goes through.

    The only saving grace is “member state governments are required to debate the deal.” I should imagine that the debate will involve some fairly strong language about economic illiterates.

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