Germany turning to coal again

I saw this at Anthony Watts.
“Germany to fund new coal plants with climate change fund cash”

Here is another article – reads as though translated online. “coal power plant Moorburg takes shape” near Hamburg I think.

It is getting way past crazy.

2 comments to Germany turning to coal again

  • Graeme Inkster

    I can only quote from one of the original commentators, who was against nuclear energy and (just) sensible enough to realize wind and solar were too expensive – “This is God’s way to protect the German people”.

    Actually, I think these are the 5 or 6 new coal stations they wanted installed to cover the shortfall from the 2 new off-shore wind parks in the Baltic; where their new “large” (don’t have a fit, Tony from Oz) 5MW turbines are having trouble working.

    If we are going to ship people off shore to Malaysia in return for others, could we exchange Julia for Angela? At least the latter knows what a budget is.

  • Louis Hissink

    I’m flying over to Canberra for the Monckton National Press Clyb function – staying at Novotel.

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