Stunning incompetence by MSNBC / Reuters

A reader sent me in this link asking about the shrivelled up reservoirs outside Perth.

Turns out they are common old wheatbelt SALT PANS. From a light aircraft you can see hundreds of these.
Can you believe this rubbish ???

The rest of their global warming photo essay is 90% pure propaganda too.

6 comments to Stunning incompetence by MSNBC / Reuters

  • Beachgirl

    Ummm….do you think they are referring to Perth, Tasmania…or maybe in Scotland??

  • John A

    They don’t grow wheat near Perth, Scotland.

  • They don’t grow wheat near Perth, Scotland.

    Oh yes they do. No salt pans, though as far as I know – the nearest would probably be in Fife.

  • Steve Sadlov

    I used to be almost a Fifer (S. Queensferry). There is barely enough sun angle in high summer to evaporate water from salt pans. You want to see real salt pans, check out the ones at the south end of the San Francisco Bay.

  • Well, these would be coal-fired salt pans, of course. Spookily, I am writing this from San Francisco (so not, strictly speaking in Dunbar at the moment).

  • Steve Sadlov

    A-ha. The tides in the Firth really amazed me. Near Cramond there is an “island” (I believe it may even be called “Cramond Island”) which at low tide is accessible via a natural causeway / sand spit. So I can see the appeal of that area for salt makers, who can benefit from the tidal swing to intake the sea water.