BBC article explaining UK cold – blames warming stratosphere but can not mention j-e-t-s-t-r-e-a-m

Saw this gem headlined – Sudden stratospheric warming responsible for UK’s icy blast – which contrives to blame cold wintry conditions on warming without mentioning (in 475 words), that the temperature fluctuations in the stratosphere are associated with migration of the jetstream. But if you listen to the video explanation by Peter Gibb you will […]

Australian Bureau of Meteorology Sydney temperature forecast 12 Jan 2013 – another amazing failure

Sydney was forecast to have 39 degrees but enjoyed a day around 31 degrees. HT Tim Blair. A huge 8 degrees forecast error. Several other centres had unusual large errors too which are on this map. Last month I noticed the BoM tended to over-egg forecast warmth. On 27 Nov the BoM warned of a […]